Relaunching noty in 2017

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Trinity Project

[] is a dream of mine for year. I always dream to build something to help monitor infrastrucuture.

At first I inspired by Heroku status page and want to build something like that but I realize that has already did it so I abandon.

I made second attempt, first with Ruby and 2nd with PHP(yet back to PHP) with Laravel.

This second attempt focuses on uptime monitoring. Basically we constantly ping a website and send notification when a certain conditions are met. However, along the way I realiaze I want a system that can do other thing such as:

  • Security Alert: It will alert if some port are open. Example: accidently open Redis/MongoDB to public. Or using a vulnerability software(such as Nginx/Rails: detect from header or particular string
  • Worker/Cron: I would like to know if something was hit or no?
  • Log: Lot of time I tail the log to find some pattern live and pipe to another file to inspect late. It would be nice if I can get alert when some line occur.

Such as I want to get alert when someone login to a production server, a place where SSH login shouldn’t be using. - And many more thing.

In 2017, I hope to launch this whole thing in one month with extensive works. I’ll only work on this new thing, day and night whenever I have time to build foundation for it and think of something.

I’m back to Rails and MongoDB because I think given my time limit, that’s easiest way to get stuff out.

During 2016, I have a baby girl, she become the most precious thing in my life. Only watching her playing around, experiment with new thing, smile and hug daddy make me so happy. I want to spend more time with her. I hope this project will survive and allow me to work on it full-time, hopefully bring me more time to stay with family.

Together with my wife, we become a family of three. The name Trinity is chosen because of that.